Cherry Blossom (Yellow) & Little Flower (Red) & Bamboo Leaf (Blue) Yukata Kimono

¥4,200 JPY

This authentic Japanese Yukata is made in Kyoto, Japan. This is the "easy Kimono" which does not require the complicated process of wearing. Made of mercerized fabric which is excellent in luster, dimensional stability and hygroscopicity.
Wrist, bottom and side parts are double stitched for long lasting.

Material: Cotton 70%, Polyester 30%
Condition: A brand-new, unused, and unworn item

Cherry Blossom (Yellow)
Gender: Women

Size S M L LL 
Body Height (cm) 150~156   156~162   162~168   168~      
(1 cm = 0.39 inch)

Little Flower (Red)
Gender: Unisex (Kids)

Size S M L
Body Height (cm) 85~100   100~120   120~140  
(1 cm = 0.39 inch)
Bamboo Leaf (Blue)

Gender: Unisex

Size S M L LL 
Body Height (cm) 150~158   158~166   166~174   174~      
(1 cm = 0.39 inch)